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The "Solar Shadow Calculator" is a gadget for providing several kinds of solar data required in architectural design, including the solar shadow direction, and solar altitude, among others.
The "Solar Shadow Calculator" is a product inspired by architect's desires for getting required data anytime anywhere.
By turning on/off its compass feature, you can choose the best operation according to your circumstances, whether on-site or off-site.


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- The direction of the sun is represented by a shadow of a tree.
- You can get:
 - the azimuth and altitude of the sun at a current position and time;
 - the times of sunrise, sunset, and culmination; and
 - the azimuth and altitude of the sun at an arbitrary date and time.
- You can specify:
 - an arbitrary location using a map;
 - a location using the latitude/longitude; and
 - a precision in time calculating ranging from one to fifteen minutes.  A reduced precision will result in a shorter calculation time.



On Site: With the compass feature ON

  You can use the "Solar Shadow Calculator" to know the direction of sunrays even in cloudy or rainy days in the field.
It can also tell you the direction of the winter morning sun in the summer or of the summer evening sun in the winter.
Input a date and time in the "Preferences" page, and the main page will graphically show the direction of a shadow cast by the sun, as well as numerically show data such as the azimuth, altitude, etc.

On Your Sketchbook: With the compass feature OFF

  When you are working with your design in your office, or thinking over it during travel, it may be preferable to be unaffected by the direction at that location.
For this purpose, we implement a function of turning off the compass feature.
By aligning the north in your design on a sketch with the north in the "Solar Shadow Calculator," you can instantaneously make a check when and in what direction the sunlight penetrates through a window in a house under design throughout a year, from sunrise to sunset, and at a desired date and time.


Attention*The accuracy of compass headings can be affected by environmental interference.

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